Sunday, November 23, 2008

Blog Fatigue

No Dylan on a Sunday today, which follows an entire week without posts. And here's the thing: I feel guilty. And this is kind of what I feared most when I started this thing, that if I didn't keep the thing current, it would feel like a burden.

Having said that, it feels worth it to be burdened by it, because I am constantly finding readers, people who are interested in the things I am, some of them ahead of me, some of them with me, some hoping to figure out where this thing is going. So, I'm committed to continuing, you may just have to be patient with me.

It's not like I'm not writing. It's just that my writing is for class and not digestible enough for a general audience. I can't wait to figure out how to say what I'm working on in ways that are intelligible. I have the sense that I am on a frontier, and that's exciting. I'm combining theology, philosophy, and social science methodology in what I think are some unique ways.

I'm also working on a paper on contextual missiology, which sounds great (too geeks like me it sounds great). But its frustrating to me because the way we are being asked to conceive the paper runs so counter to my approach in the other class. The assignment assumes that I can define a context in the safe confines of the library. And it assumes that contextualization is something I can achieve through the force of a methodology, like a context will hold still long enough for me to master it, or that theology is this fixed content that just needs to be tweaked for the situation. Ugh.

So, the writing I'm doing is sapping me, and thinking about posting on my blog makes me tired.

But, I have new strings on my guitar these days. And that's luxury. So, give me a few weeks of guitar playing, and I'll see if we can pick up some of these threads.


Anonymous said...

A couple of things that help me when I have little to say:

- Link to something that is better said that anything that is on my mind. I always appreciate a good link.

- Use Youtube to your advantage and post something funny or serious or whatever tone fits your blog and gives readers some insights into your personality or sense of humor.

- Just don't post anything and don't feel bad. More and more people are turning to feed readers and aren't burdened by coming by over and over again to find nothing new.

Don't feel bad. I like to hear when people think they don't actually have anything worthwhile to say. It is the people who think the world hangs on their every word that we need to be worried about!

Mark Love said...

Thanks, Matt. Great adivce.

thepriesthood said...

Freud would call it blank post anxiety. or something.

hope you can bring it down from the mountain in due time. all the best in your work--Helen and I are excited for you. as cheesy as it sounds, reading your blog has become a shared time together. we alternate reading paragraphs. over the top, i know. you could call us groupies.

Mark Love said...


that makes me smile.