Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dylan on a Sunday

Pretty big week in my life coming up. Among a few momentous events looming includes the release of Dylan's new cd. The reviews have been great and I have been living in the glow of anticipation.

Anticipation is a great thing. Anticipation in circumstances like this keeps you in the mode of promise. The daily projection of future promise, especially as the reality gets closer, is one of the great things in life. It gets you out of bed, gives you a sunnier disposition, makes everything seem a little brighter.

Of course, the downside of anticipation is that often the real thing is a let down. Boston's second album. Tusk following in the aftermath of Rumors (Fleetwood Mac). Flinstones, The Movie (Barney Rubble, what an actor!). Caddy Shack II. The real thing often pales next to the experience of anticipation. These experiences might encourage you to dampen expectations to keep from being disappointed.

Some things are more, though. More than you expected, even when expectations were high. As great as the anticipation, the reality actually exceeds it. More, always more, is rare and you just have to be thankful when you find it. The last three cd's from Dylan have come fairly close to the anticipation. I am giving myself to anticipation fully. Stay tuned.

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