Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dylan on a Sunday

Today I drove through Oklahoma, Kansas, a corner of Missouri and southern Iowa. I was tired from packing my moving truck the day before. I needed companionship and it needed to be interesting. Fortunately, I had a crisp NPR station all day. So, in addition to news and Prairie Home Companion, I heard three great interviews. One was with the singer and songwriter (brother and sister) from the Cowboy Junkies on the 20th anniversary of The Trinity Session. I will definitely be buying that cd and am embarrassed I haven't already. The second was an interview with a young woman from Malaysia (didn' get her name) who posted a song on youtube and was signed to a recording contract. She plays uke and sings like Norah Jones. And she's touring with Pete Yorn right now. I will be looking for that concert. And then there was an interview with a dude (didn't get his name) who had a band (didn't absorb that either), plays a different kind of music (hard to describe). One song they played was a Dylan cover, Subterranean Homesick Blues. Sounded nothing like Dylan, which is why Dylan is so great. Everyone can hear themselves in a Dylan song. And SHB is such a fun song. I love the Dylan video ( Classic. So, thanks to NPR I drove my 26 foot Penske truck in great company.

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