Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dylan on a Sunday

Tomorrow I get on a plane to head for Uganda and Kenya. For some reason, a trip beyond our known world brings with it an inventory of sorts. Nancy and I made sure that all of our important information was in place--life insurance, wills, itunes passwords, etc. And with that comes a certain wistfulness and sentimentality, which of course makes you think of Dylan.

Seriously, Dylan is fairly sentimental. Exhibit A, When the Deal Goes Down. Love and death and immortality. It's almost sweet. It's the ultimate statement about love--not even death can obliterate it. (Sorry about the underlines. Came with the cut and paste and couldn't quickly get rid of them).

Beyond the horizon, behind the sun
At the end of the rainbow life has only begun
In the long hours of twilight 'neath the stardust above
Beyond the horizon it is easy to

I'm touched with desire
What don't I do?
Through flame and through fire
I'll build my world around you

Beyond the horizon, in the Springtime or Fall
Love waits forever, for one and for all

Beyond the horizon, across the divide
'Round about midnight, we'll be on the same side
Down in the valley the
water runs cold
Beyond the horizon someone prayed for your soul

My wretched heart is pounding
I felt an angel's kiss
My memories are drowning
In mortal bliss

Beyond the horizon, at the end of the game
Every step that you take, I'm walking the same

Beyond the horizon, the night winds blow
The theme of a
melody from many moons ago
The bells of St. Mary, how sweetly they chime
Beyond the horizon I found you just in time

It's dark and it's dreary
I've been pleading in vain
I'm wounded, I'm weary
My repentance is plain

Beyond the horizon o'r the treacherous sea
I still can't believe that you have set aside your love for me

Beyond the horizon, 'neath crimson skies
In the soft light of morning I'll follow you with my eyes
Through countries and kingdoms and temples of stone
Beyond the horizon right down to the

It's the right time of the season
Somebody there always cared
There's always a reason
Why someone's life has been spared

Beyond the horizon, the sky is so blue
I've got more than a lifetime to live lovin' you


Lyndon said...

I've thought about this a bit, having fallen in love twice - It's hard to sort out, other than to say I've been twice blessed...

Thanks for sharing the lyrics.

オテモヤン said...
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