Friday, April 30, 2010

Master's in Missional Leadership

I usually don't use my blog as a place to hock my wares, so to speak. But I direct a graduate degree in Missional Leadership at Rochester College. We begin with the assumption that the best place to learn missional leadership is in your existing context. This degree doesn't extract you from that learning environment for the four walls of a classroom in Rochester, Michigan, but delivers the learning to you in a variety of ways, including online courses.

We are recruiting our cohort for this Fall and I am in the nose counting phase so that I can assign scholarship dollars. We still have spots available, however, and this is a shout out for all of you hoping to become more effective leaders for congregations in mission. If you want more info, you might visit our Ning site,, and check out the older blogs which have a lot of info about the degree.

I will also be at the Pepperdine Bible Lectures this year and we will be having a Rochester College luncheon on Friday. I will be speaking on the challenges of ministry in a missional era. If you're planning to be there, come and find us.

Regardless of your own personal interest, I appreciate your willingness to help me spread the word about the degree.

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