Thursday, September 16, 2010

By Way of Clarification: Generosity of Spirit

Friends, in an attempt to live into the spirit of my own words, a word of clarification about my first paragraph in the last post. My words could have been more generous. Ouch! I hate when that happens. Truth is, I like Dallas Willard books and would eagerly look forward to attending a conference featuring him as a speaker. I think prayer is a good thing. And I have been in the habit of walking labyrinths myself. And in the scheme of things, one of the most profound experiences I have had that I consider coming from God came at the center of a labyrinth. And I think that in doing these things you are more likely to find a path toward generosity of spirit than if you don't. And I learn a lot about the generous life from people who consistently walk these paths.So, I would ask that you read my previous blog in light of these statements and hug a contemplative today. Clearly, I am still on the journey toward generosity of spirit.

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Shane Alexander said...

Still think you nailed your last post and your caution concerning spiritual disciplines is well heeded. Spiritual disciplines only lead to generosity of spirit if they are a means of seeking God--not if they are a means of seeking spiritual discipline. And I think Willard would agree.