Thursday, January 27, 2011

Five Finger Sermons

Some of you have asked if you can hear the sermons in my series on the "five finger exercise" that I've been blogging about for the past few weeks. You can hear them, all except the first one which for some reason did not record (which is a shame, because its my favorite in the series). But you can listen to Believe, Confess, and Repent at the following link:

Of course, that leaves us minus the sermon on baptism. I've decided not to do that one. Just kidding. I'll be gone this Sunday, so I will preach the one on baptism on Feb 6 and it should be online sometime after that.

I offer this link with some trepidation. I hate listening to my sermons. Do I really sound like that? Do I really talk that slow? Am I chewing on something? Why did I leave that part out? Why doesn't that make sense? So, I have chosen to believe that I am much better live than on tape or cd. This only applies to preaching. I am a much better friend on paper, or on facebook, than in real life. And I'm a much better basketball player when I talk about it than I am when I actually step foot on the court. But preaching? So much better live. You have to trust me on this.

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