Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dylan on a Sunday-Birthday-Eve

I'll be 51 tomorrow. Holy smokes, if you got em. I'm at that stage in life where they buy you the actual numbers/as/candles to put on your cake, if you get  cake at all (something with less processed flour and sugar and more dietary fiber is what's called for at this stage in my life). But just because I'm beyond the candle phase of birthdays doesn't mean I should be done making wishes.

So, this year I'm wishing for a private Dylan concert for my birthday. Surely, that's not too much to ask. I'm sure my faithful blogging has blown some fresh wind into his career sails. He owes me. And I have some requests. He should, of course, pick a few songs that he thinks of when he thinks of my birthday. I'll leave those up to him. But I have some I want played as well. They're not necessarily my favorites, though some of them definitely are, but songs that would make for a great party.

We'd start with some older tunes that would get us in a party/dancing mood

               Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (how else? this is how he started the concert I attended)
               Highway 61 Revisited (complete with the whistle)

We keep the mood going with some more recent rollers

               Things Have Changed (I play the Robert Downey Jr bit in this one)
               Jolene  (not a fave, but we would definitely be dancing)
               Shake, Shake Mama (same as the previous song)

Then the lights come down a bit, and we let Bob serenade us

               Lay, Lady, Lay (the way his band plays it now)
               Just Like a Woman (One of Dylan's most poignant songs to my mind)
               What Good Am I? (I love this song)
               Most of the Time (One of Dylan's best songs, period)
And then to finish things, Bob brings me on stage and asks me to play guitar on the last two.

               Make You Feel My Love (we play my version, but he sings. None of this Garth Brooks stuff)
               Spirit on the Water (perfect ending)

He has such a good time that he stays for my friends and takes requests. Call em out friends. It's my birthday.

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happytheman said...

Happy Birthday friend, your catching up for a couple of months. Dylan owes it to you. check out the new amos lee album you'll like it.